At Next Level Advice, we believe in protecting
Kiwi families most valuable asset -- their ability to earn an income

The unexpected and hidden costs of getting sick or becoming disabled puts a lot of stress and strain on any family. This added stress can gravely affect the recovery process and prolong this even longer.

Having a tailored insurance solution can help alleviate this financial stress to allow you to recover without the worry of having food on the table and roof over your head.

As your adviser, I help you through claim time to maximise the chance of a genuine claim being paid out easily and stress free.


Finding Adrian Arnold's why...

Q. Why am I here?
A. To educate and protect Kiwi families, their stuff, their futures, and themselves with options through understanding and confidence.
To help families at claim time get the best outcome possible.
To work with families creating the best cover to suit you at a level that you’re comfortable with, with your own risk tolerance included.

Q. What gets me out of bed in the morning?
A. Assisting Kiwi families and their businesses by protecting their valuable assets, and educating them about the options using effective robust processes that creates great outcomes.

Q. Why am I passionate about this industry?
A. Insurance, like life, is a journey, continually adjusting to suit as your life changes. Continual Improvement and better policies to help protect Kiwi families when it hits the fan. When the chips are down and the concern begins to creep in, it is always a great thing to know that you have someone on your team to help you through the situation, which drives me to be there when I am most needed.

Let’s get together, grab a coffee and throw some ideas around.
Is your current insurance still relevant to your situation? Let me help you with creating your optimal cover together.



In New Zealand we have a range of insurance products that are designed to pay out at different times. May it be for medical bills so you have choice of treatment, to a diagnosis of a major illness like cancer. Having this structured correctly to cover you and your family is our passion and focus.

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KiwiSaver can be difficult to understand. There is much confusion about which fund clients are in, which they should be in, how an employer helps and how the government contributes as well! Assisting with class advice, we believe that saving for your retirement is essential and we help you understand the process.



We specialise in one area of risk management, insurance, but their are three others that clients need to consider, they are: legal, accounting and banking & investment. To ensure that our clients are looked after, we have a network of like minded specialists around us to refer our clients to. 

Very prompt, efficient and friendly service. Adrian came to my home at a time that suited me and the whole process was very smooth. I highly recommend Adrian’s approach, experience and knowledge.
— J.K.

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